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Thanks to all our season subscribers, audience members, advertisers, sponsors, donors, cast & crew members for making Silverthorne's 2018 Fifth Anniversary Season such a success!

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April 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 at 7:30 pm; April 15 at 2 pm  

TAR2F!  An Irreverent Musical Comedy     

World Premiere

   Tar2f! Book, lyrics & music by Jeff Olmsted; Adapted from Moliere's Tartuffe
     Directed by Chris Rohmann

In this farcical rebuke of religious & moral hypocrisy - particularly timely in today's world - Tartuffe, a wily con man who passes himself off as a pious puritan, has insinuated himself into the household of Orgon, a wealthy Parisian, with designs on Orgon's fortune & his attractive wife. Members of the family are exasperated, then outraged, by the imposter's malign influence, as he gains control of Orgon's assets & possessions.

This new musical version underlines the show's satirical sting by placing the action during a rehearsal of the play, which is threatened with being closed down (as Moliere's original version actually was) by the 17th-century equivalent of the Moral Majority and Family Research Council.


June 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 at 7:30 pm; June 24 at 2 pm


 light path image - web by Athol Fugard.       Directed by Rebecca Daniels. 
 Winner of the 1988 New York Drama Critics  Circle Award for Best Foreign Play

The Road to Mecca, written by Athol Fugard, is set in 1970s South Africa. It was first staged in the US in 1984 at Yale Rep, had an off-Broadway run in 1988, and saw its Broadway premiere in 2012. Fugard is best know for his overtly political plays, mostly set in his native South Africa in the days of apartheid. While this drama’s focus on the life and work of an artist might seem like a departure for the playwright, in the words of New York theatre critic, Ben Brantley, the play “ throbs with a despairing awareness of the South Africa of the 1970s as a broken and corrupting nation, a spiritual prison for those who inhabit it. Set in the remote village of New Bethesda, in the Karoo desert region, this play considers the nature and possibilities of freedom within such a place.”

Based on a real-life individual, Fugard’s story of Miss Helen, an aging Afrikaner widow who creates unusual sculptures in order to escape the crushing reality of her isolated life and the social expectations that accompany that life, brings together two social and political opposites who each consider themself her friend and take a strong interest in her welfare according to their own conflicting views about artistic creativity and the challenges of aging. Her very conservative minister, Marius, wants to send Helen to an old folks home, where she will be “safe” from both criticism and harm. Her young friend, Elsa, more politically engaged than Marius, wants Helen to have the independence as a woman and an artist that society seems to find so dangerous. Called by the script’s publisher, “a penetrating study of the role of the artist in any society,” The Road to Mecca also speaks to larger hopes and fears about aging and independence.

 "The author's most personal play to date, an essential Rosetta stone for the entire canon." - The New York Times  "Glows with a rare luminosity and intensity. Athol Fugard's his most eloquent and transforming." - The Christian Science Monitor.  "One of Fugard's simplest, most beautiful plays." - The New York Daily News


July 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 pm; July 22 at 2 pm

WHITE, BLACK & BLUE               

World Premiere

White Black & Blue small by Steve Henderson and Will Chalmus.  Directed by Keith Langsdale

Walter, a black man, breaks into the home of Joe Renshaw, an older white man, late at night. Walter has fled the scene of an altercation with a white off-duty police officer, during which he took the officer’s gun. It is not the way it seems. As Joe and Walter struggle to establish a fragile détente, Officer Lou Rankin finds the house. It is not what it seems. A taut life and death stalemate ensues as the three desperate men strive to stay alive and to protect their families. Issues of race, trust, responsibility and last straws comprise the powerful themes in the story.


September 27, 28, 29, October 4, 5, 6 at 7:30 pm; September 30 at 2 pm  

DELECTABLE DURANG   A Collection of Six Unruly Comedies  

man laughingBy Christopher Durang.  Directed by John Reese

            The 2018 season will close with the fall presentation of Delectable Durang, a collection of six hilarious and provocative one-act plays by Christopher Durang.  The production will be an ‘homage to the theatre‘.  The six plays are The Actor’s Nightmare, Women in a Play Ground, Nina in the Morning, For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls, One Minute Play and Medea.  Every theatrical element (costume and set changes, etc.) will be in full view of the audience throughout, as six actors function as a mini-repertory company. 

Writing in 1994 after the opening of the playwright's own collection of short plays, Durang Durang, critics responded, "With the help of Mr. Durang, the fine art of parody has returned to theater in a production you can sink teeth and mind into, while also laughing like an idiot. Parody of this comic verve is as much fun as the sort of marvelous party Noel Coward once sang about..." New York Times   "If you need a break from serious drama, the place to go is Christopher Durang's silly, funny, over-the-top sketches."  TheaterWeek.

We guarantee you will find STC's production just the right combination to satisfy your funnybone's appetite!


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