Tar2f!Auditions for Tar2f!

Silverthorne Theater Company announces auditions for the world-premiere production of TarT2f! An Irreverent Musical Comedy, by Jeff Olmsted,  directed by Chris Rohmann. This light-hearted lampoon of hypocrisy and gullibility, adapted from Molière’s Tartuffe, will be the first show of Silverthorne’s Fifth Anniversary season.

Auditions: at the Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center, 289 Main Street, Greenfield

                        Sunday, December 3   5-7 pm

                        Tuesday, December 5   7-9 pm

                        Call-backs Wednesday, December 6, 7 pm

·      To schedule an audition slot, please call 413-768-7514, or write to silverthornetheater@gmail.com

·      Auditioners should prepare a one-minute selection from a musical-theater song, and a one-minute comic monologue. Piano accompaniment and CD/MP3 playback will be provided.

·      Performance dates: April 12–21, 2018, at Hawks & Reed.

·      Rehearsals begin in early March, 2018.  

·      Equity and non-Equity; all roles paid.  All types and ethnicities welcome.

Synopsis and Role Descriptions 

In this farcical rebuke of religious and moral hypocrisy – particularly timely in today’s world – Tartuffe, a wily con man who passes himself off as a pious puritan, has insinuated himself into the household of Orgon, a wealthy Parisian, with designs on Orgon’s fortune and his attractive wife.  Members of the family are exasperated, then outraged, by the impostor’s malign influence, as he gains control of Orgon’s assets and possessions.

This new musical version underlines the show’s satirical sting by placing the action during a rehearsal of the play, which is threatened with being closed down (as Molière’s original version actually was) by the 17th-century equivalent of the Moral Majority and Family Research Council.

ORGON (Tenor), 40s-50s, affable, gullible, his mid-life faith-fueled crisis drives all the action.

TARTUFFE (Baritone), 30-55, smooth, crafty, supremely confident of his own attractiveness, justifiably or not.

ELMIRE (Mezzo-soprano), 30s-40s, Orgon’s wife, stylish, worldly, amused by Tartuffe’s lustful advances.

DAMIS (Baritone), early-mid-20s, son of Orgon, a young hothead.

 MARIANE (Soprano), 18-early-20s, daughter of Orgon, spirited but reluctant to defy him, passionately in love with Valere.

VALERE (Tenor), 20s, handsome and dashing if a bit dull, passionately in love with Mariane.

 CLEANTE (Tenor), 30s-40s, brother of Elmire, reasonable, intelligent, gay.

 DORINE (Alto), late 20s-40s, lady’s maid to Mariane, sensible, clever, with a mouth.

 MADAME PERNELLE (Alto), 60s-70s, mother of Orgon, sharp-tongued, imperious, a credulous bigot.

 MOLIERE (Baritone), 40s-50s, the author/director of the play within the play (doubles as the King’s Officer in Act II), brusque, commanding, but concerned for his players, who repay it with loyalty.

MONSIEUR LOYAL (no singing), a bailiff, polite to a fault.