Special Benefit Performance - One Night Only - Wednesday, October 25 @ 7 PM


by Duncan Macmillan

Featuring Stephanie Carlson & Lindel Hart

Directed by Ellen Kaplan

Limited seating - Buy now - LUNGS tickets

The world is getting hotter, there’s unrest overseas—the seas themselves aren’t very calm—and one couple is thinking about having a child. LUNGS is a smart and funny drama that follows a couple through the surprising lifecycle of their relationship as they grapple with questions of family and change, hope, betrayal, happenstance, and the terrible pain that you can only cause the people you love.

"Duncan Macmillan's distinctive, off-kilter love story is brutally honest, funny, edgy and current. It gives voice to a generation for whom uncertainty is a way of life through two flawed, but deeply human, people who you don't always like but start to feel you might love." The Guardian

In the Wheelhouse at Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center

This special one-time performance will benefit Silverthorne Theater Company's upcoming community event, Your Voice, Poet -  a free public performance/discussion featuring the play by Haitian playwright Jean Dany Joachim, winner of STC's Playwrights of Color competition. Your Voice, Poet, addresses the question of the function of art in a dysfunctional world, and will be performed at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield on November 25, and at the Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield on November 26.


November 25 & 26 - Free admission

YOUR VOICE, POET (Ta Voix Poete)

Silverthorne Theater Company presents a special Community Arts Project, Ta Voix Poete (Your Voice, Poet), by Jean Dany Joachim, an Open Discussion project for the general public that will be performed November 25 and 26 in two locations: Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield and the Bing Arts Center in Springfield. MassHumanities Foundation provided major support for this exceptional public event that will be free and open to the public.

Performance details

Performances of Your Voice, Poet, are scheduled for The Bing Arts Center, located at 716 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, on Saturday, November 25 at 8 pm, and Sunday, November 26 at 3 pm at The Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center, 289 Main Street, Greenfield. There is no admission charge. Refreshments will be provided free of charge.
The play was written by Haitian actor and playwright Jean Dany Joachim and was the winner of Silverthorne’s 2016 Playwrights of Color Competition. It will be performed by a cast from New York’s Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble under the direction of David Elyha. The play was staged by the MST company in 2016 as a workshop production.

Description of the play

In the course of the forty-five minute performance, three characters speak eloquently, offering insight into the world of the dispossessed. The setting could be Haiti, or rural India, or the streets of downtown Springfield or Greenfield. A Man, A Woman, and a Soldier implore The Poet to give voice to the conditions in which they must live their lives.

The Open Discussion element

The play is a vehicle in which the playwright questions the function of art in a dysfunctional world. The power of the arts to penetrate and change increasingly divisive and damaging preconceptions of race, class and status is universally acknowledged, but how can it be effective when access to the arts has become increasingly limited? What factors limit people’s experience of art? Attitude? Economics? Physical access? Geography? How can this change?
Following the performance of the play, the seating will be reconfigured to facilitate a one-hour inclusive discussion between scholars, audience members and performers. Together the group will address the questions raised by the play of who should art serve and how it can do so.
Major support for this production is provided by MassHumanities and The Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center.

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December 8, 9, and 10 - A Special Family Event


A journey through song and storytelling of the varied traditions of the Celtic peoples throughout the world. Features Piper Pichette (The Pied Harpist) and favorite actor/singer/storyteller Chris Devine.

December 8    7:00 pm     Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center, Greenfield (Get tickets at Celtic Christmas - Greenfield )
December 9        7:00 pm        Centennial House, Northfield (Get tickets at Celtic Christmas - Northfield)
December 10     7:00 pm       Deerfield Inn, Deerfield (Get tickets at Celtic Christmas - Deerfield)
$10 adults, $5 children (5-12 years old); $25 maximum for a family

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